Professional Logistics

Webshop Logistics

By outsourcing the entire back-end of your work you will receive cost efficient Webshop logistics. You can concentrate on operating and marketing your web shop and trust in our logistics experts. Through our professional service, safety standards of quality and quick delivery, we create service benefits that inspire your customers.

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The incoming orders are forwarded to us for order processing. We take over the storage and delivery of your goods. We take into account your individual packaging and invoice forms. Delivery bottlenecks and the associated long lead times are a thing of the past.


Clients make many requests everyday, especially regarding instructions for products and goods that can be ambiguous. This can truly be a huge challenge. It is true that the requested information is accessed mostly via the Webshop; however the personal telephone interaction promotes customer dialogue. Furthermore, a specific product hotline creates an individual approach and is available to your customers as another alternate service, including questions about shipping.

Large online shops sell globally day and night – 24 hours a day. Smaller companies should, therefore, ensure that orders are processed and being worked on, even if they are not available.

You have your goods delivered to us and we store them for you. You then have the opportunity to have your products sent by us, that is: you send us by e-mail your delivery note with all the necessary papers and information from your customer. We carry out the shipment. You can provide necessary packaging material, but we will gladly buy it for you. Your customer settles the goods and costs shipped separately with you. On our end, we then calculate the costs for the storage / retrieval, picking and shipping and this is the amount that you will owe to us.


  • Incoming Inspections
  • Warehousing
  • Re-packaging, Order Picking
  • Outgoing Inspections

  • Shipping & Deliveries

  • Handling of Customer Inquiries

  • Complaint Management

  • Quick ordering process by email

  • Delivery status updated by email

  • Designated contact person

  • Customization of orders and safe storage

  • Quality guaranteed

  • Sustainability