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Our labeling machines label cylindrical, square, rectangular and oval plastic- and glass products.

Labels form the brand of your products and fulfil different functions. Labelling draws attention to the product and gives it a uniqueness that influences the buying behaviour of your customers. Labels inform your customers about the best-before date and the ingredients of your products and contain additional information such as batch numbers and barcodes.

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Thanks to the ergonomics of our labeling machine, precision labeling is possible. The labeling is carried out by our skilled personnel through very precise work done by hand. Thus, we can intervene in the production at any time and make corrections if necessary.

The labeling and packaging of goods are essential for product marketing because the packaging and the label are essential in selling your product. What is also important to remember is that the customer also makes a determination of the quality of your goods from what he sees on the outside. With our labeling machines, we refine your products. Therefore, you should think carefully about the label in advance and consider how effective label design can contribute to your product sales.