The Perfect Protection For Your Products


The outer packaging bundles individual products and serves for easier storage and better transport. These are not just cardboard boxes, but also foils or blister packs, which combine several individual products into one package and make it easy to store and ready for shipping.

Non-binding Offer


The outer packaging is an additional packaging around the sales packaging / gift packaging. The outer packaging is, therefore, not a part of the product. It serves to bundle individual products. In addition, the outer packaging facilitates safe transport and storage of your products. It can also be used for promotional purposes.

Our range of outer packaging includes:

  • Gift boxes
  • Finishes (wrapping paper, sanding etc.)
  • Protective boxes
  • Outer packaging for mailings


In addition to the outer packaging of your products, we also offer you the storage and shipping of your goods. Depending on requirements, we can provide the goods on demand and deliver them on time to you or your customers. With our modern warehouse management system, we can inform you at any time about the stock of your goods. Furthermore, we can take over the complete webshop logistics if you have an online shop.