We pack everything


“Packaging is the covering of a certain object for the purpose of protection.” So, gives the flat and indifferent definition in the dictionary. But for us packaging is more. As an experienced packaging service provider, we understand the needs of our customers. Therefore we demand creative and individual solutions and guarantee quality and adherence to delivery dates. We are your reliable partner, because: We pack everything!

Non-binding Offer

Quality is what we are:

Employee satisfaction

All efforts to ensure your quality are in vain if the employees are dissatisfied. In our daily business the quality of our products can only be guaranteed by our employees. If everyone is involved in the responsibility, only then can something big come into being. It is therefore easy for us to offer tailor-made and targeted packaging solutions, to assemble, assemble and deliver according to readiness plans.

Social commitment that pays off

With flexible planning, we ensure that our employees are highly satisfied, because each individual contributes to the high standard of our products and services. This is precisely what our “Human Resources Policy Life Phase” is all about, and we take these considerations into account among our employees:

  • Flexible working hours and home offices
  • Consideration of family problems due to illness and/or medical care
  • Jointly organized celebrations for the entire team

Packaging – For environmental reasons

The packaging must fulfil two essential tasks: It must meet the logistical requirements of modern organic and natural food companies as well as all other requirements. In particular, it must also protect against environmental impacts on goods, damage, contamination and loss of volume. We use all our experience, care and concentration to meet the ecological and economic requirements for packaging and storage.