Flow Wrap Packaging

With flow-wrap packaging, composite film made of polyamide/polyethylene is placed on the product. Polyamide/polyethylene is flexible and impermeable to oxygen. Polyethylene is used as a moisture barrier and is heat sealable.

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Flow Wrap Packaging

Flow-wrap packaging is airtight because it molds to the shape of your product and protects it. It is important to us that your products, depending on your needs and desires, are perfectly individually packaged. We have the opportunity to offer you a variety of sizes and film thicknesses. Flow-wrap packaging is very adaptable to different thicknesses. It has two side seams and a longitudinal seam.

Flow-wrap packaging is the ideal packaging solution for uneven small parts.

Our repertoire of flow-wrap packaging includes:

  • Candy bars, cookies
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Plastic cutlery
  • Technical parts