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Contract Packaging - Packaging Services as a Central Element of the Supply Chain

The path of the product from the manufacturer to the end user is often very long and goes through a variety of steps. Packaging and transport companies play a key role in this, as they significantly determine the efficiency of supply chains. Furthermore, technological developments such as e-commerce and m-commerce pose new challenges for webshop logistics, warehousing, and packaging and provide new innovations in the packaging industry. The so-called physical distribution, respectively the inventory management, the storage, the subcontracting and the transport, is exactly what our job is and is individually adapted to the requirements of our customers.

What is contract packaging?

Contract packaging includes picking, labeling, assembly and repackaging of products. Since the products are typically transported and stored multiple times on the way to the end customer, certain additional requirements such as protection, storage, and transport must be met during the repackaging.

Picking transforms the products from the warehouse status to the sales status and forms the basis for webshop logistics. The sales packaging informs and educates the customer as well as encourages the customer to buy. For this to succeed the following criteria must be fulfilled:

How do we support you with contract packaging?

Contract packaging has many different jobs that can be individually executed or combined in the production process. Our packaging service differentiates between the following contract packaging:

Contract Packaging and Packaging Design

To ensure all this, we are packaging specialists in both contract packaging and packaging development. These include presentation boxes, the creation of displays, slipcases and folding boxes. Tell us your exact requirements and we will implement your contract packaging free of errors and quality that is assured. The advantages of external contract packaging will be shown through the optimization of your cost-benefit calculations. Save yourself the time and money and leave the manufacturing process to us. Thanks to our know-how, our qualified employees and our machines, we are not only faster but also cheaper for you. Concentrate on your core business and make use of our flexible team and services!