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Shrink Wrap Packaging

With the use of shrink wrapping, the product is enclosed with a plastic foil and heated to 180-220 ° C in a shrink tunnel. The foil softens due to the heat and contracts on cooling, hence the name "shrinking or shrink wrapping".

The film adheres firmly to the packaged goods, protects and stabilizes it. Single packs, containers or packaged goods can be grouped in a protected manner on a pallet to form a loading unit.

Shrink wrapping is an inexpensive and interesting alternative when picking twinsets and product lines that need additional protection or bundling for shipment. Shrinkable packaging protects your product against moisture and is dirt-repellent.

The use of PE film (polyethylene film) is an ecologically safe option. In addition, the smooth, highly transparent film shows your customers that the product is new and undamaged.

Our range of shrink wrap packaging includes:

  • CDs, DVDs, and videos
  • Spiele, Kerzen, Bilderrahmen
  • Books, magazines, and catalogs
  • Games, candles, picture frames
  • Cleaners and other household care products