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Packaging Products - Fast, Easy, On Time

Assembly - Completion of your products

During assembly, articles - especially small parts - of a certain type or size are first assembled into sets and then packaged. Before the goods are delivered to the business or to the consumer, they are sorted, repackaged, cleaned or corrected as desired, recombined, foiled, sealed, tagged or labeled, and identified. This can be, for example, the repackaging of cosmetics and care products as well as the assembly of gift sets or the outer packaging of gift boxes. Likewise, the addition of product samples or flyers is possible.

Picking, on the other hand, involves articles being compiled based on a specific order. The individual items of an order are taken from the assortment, packaged and shipped.

Assembly - Advantages of Outsourcing

The core competence of your company lies in your products. Packing and packaging is a time consuming and a  labor-intensive task. However, the packaging is the first thing the customer can see regarding your product. Therefore, the package should be made of high-quality materials and be attractive as well. These steps to complete the product can be done by external service providers who have special know-how in this area. A faster and cost-effective assembly is possible because it eliminates additional investment in personnel, machinery, and equipment.

Types of Packaging

The types of packaging range from standard packaging to special customized solutions. This may also include adding product samples or other marketing items which is necessary when automated order picking reaches its limits and manual packaging becomes necessary. Claudia Kuhn Verpackungsservice offers not only adhesive work for calendars, attachment and gluing of inserts in magazines, brochures or books, as well as the compilation of training folders and information folders, but also other packaging solutions as part of contract packaging. Claudia Kuhn Verpackungsservice specializes in the following packaging services.

Tubular Bag Packaging

Tubular bag packaging is suitable for the packaging of fruits and vegetables, pastries, cutlery, technical products and more. This is a fast and fully automated solution for packaging various products in polypropylene foils, polyolefin foils, cellophane foils and laminating foils. The closing of the foil takes place longitudinally and transversely through stable sealing seams and the foil is supplied from below or above. The fully automatic flow wrapper processes transparent and printed foils. The flow packer is individually adapted to the product. The product is fed manually or automatically via a transport chain. The processing of heat-sealable foils, such as PP foils, CPP foils, OPP foils, laminate foils and aluminum foils in a variety of bag designs are also possible. Tubular bag packaging is the ideal packaging solution for uneven small parts.

Shrink Wrapping 

Shrink wrapping offers a suitable solution if your product needs to be upgraded by your packaging needs. You can protect your product from scratches through bundling the products with a strong, tight-fitting foil. It is suitable, for example, for the packaging of books, catalogs, pictures, cardboard boxes, CDs, DVDs.

Foil Packaging

Foil packaging is suitable for sales packaging as this type of packaging is quite easy to close. Whether they are flat bags, ziplock bags or zipped pockets - they are very versatile and easily recycled.

Claudia Kuhn Verpackunsservice- Your Partner in Packaging

As an experienced packaging service provider, we know the needs of our customers and offer solutions tailored to their needs. We not only secure the future of our company, but also the jobs for our employees. In addition to contract packaging and contract filling, we also offer warehousing logistics and webshop logistics from goods receipt to delivery. We can also advise you on storage and packaging design.