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Universa 500 Kallfass Maschine

The new UNIVERSA 500 SERVO is a hybrid that closes the gap between intermittent-motion and continuous-motion machines of today and it is the first time that a single machine can offer combined advantages from both machine types. 

For example, the Universa 500 Servo can transport plastic film with a precision vacuum conveyor to create a warp-free and geometrically precise pouch.

Perfect packaging results which require the highest standards for products can be achieved through using a Universa 500 Kallfassmaschine.  Examples of high-quality solutions include sales boosting and eye-catching film packaging for chocolates, software boxes, DVDs, CDs, books, magazines and other quality products.

Products are fed into the machine through a conveyor belt while simultaneously folding and smoothing the material with a forming shoulder. Product movement and control is automatically managed using optical sensors, and the conveyor system is easily adjusted for materials of different width. The height of the folding shoulder and weld ing unit are also easily manually adjustable.

Our Universa 500 is suitable for all semi-tubular plastic films of approximately 12-80 my, for example, Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE).