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Biozertifizierung -Verarbeitung ökologischer Landbauprodukte


Claudia Kuhn
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Contract Packaging at ist´s best

Lohnfertigung im Verpackungsservie 

Give us your product: We take over the commissioning and order picking of your goods and we transform your product from the storage mode into “ready-to use” mode. For this we take all units needed from the pallets and the product then becomes a “newly assembled” product. We can commission and handle multifaceted customer orders with several different items (serial picking). 

Specialized Order Picking

With specialized order picking, we can customize packaging units. Give us your products for order picking. We will open the package, do the picking and handle the assembly according to your specifications and create new packaging units. One example of this type of order picking is the filling and handling of the bags and folders for your trade shows.

Full Service for Better Flexibility

As a full-service provider we also take care of the storage and shipment of packages from the picking. For us, it is important that your packs are compiled in the picking process quickly, accurately and correctly. Therefore, our staff order picks by hand. With flexible scheduling and self-organization it is assured that our team is concentrated in all of the commissioning and order picking. So your products arrive safely and promptly to your selected destination. With over 10 years experience, we meet your needs quickly and flexibly.

Packaging, Banding, Labeling

We also take care of the re-packaging of your goods. The packaging of your products has to meet your needs and those of your customers - in terms of appearance, materials, and labeling. Therefore, we give your products ideal packaging and label them - according to your wishes.

When products are banded together with a band, a strip of heat sealable paper or plastic is combined into one unit. Banding alleviates storage and transportation burdens with products such as newspapers or corrugated cardboard. It is very suitable and appropriate for postal and mail order bundling.

In order to offer you individual solutions for every type, shape and size of products, we place the re-packaging, banding and labeling in the hands of very conscientious    craftsmen.

Among our range of re-packaging, banding and labeling:

Folding and Inserting

We fold and insert your letters. Let your time-consuming manual work become a minor matter to you. Optimize your mailings through our professional service team. While you enjoy your “free time” after work, we do the folding, inserting and posting of your mailings. Simply use our full service. We fold and insert with our efficient insertion machines. Save precious time and high staff costs. Claudia Kuhn “Verpackungsservice” will customize your orders according to your wishes. Avoid time pressure and stress: With us, you and your appointments are always one step ahead

Folding and Insert Counting