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Biozertifizierung -Verarbeitung ökologischer Landbauprodukte


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Contract Filling of dry foods Even in Very Small Quantities

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Contract filling is one of our core competencies. That's why we have expanded this service and added a new field of contract filling to include tea, coffee, sugar, and spices. In addition to contract filling of dry foods, we can also store your goods as required and, depending on your needs, and deliver them to you in partial quantities. 

With our modern warehouse logistics and our in-house delivery service - we are always there for you. Service and quality are our top priority.

All the Variations of Contract Filling  

The following systems are available for the packaging of your products:
Horizontal flow wrapper for all products with a horizontal feed
Shrink wrapping machine to safely enclose goods with a foil
Filling station for free-flowing products such as sugar, coffee, or dietary supplements
The filling takes place in stand-up pouches or cans.

Certification Din EN ISO 9001 and Organic Packaging Certification

Lohnabfüllung Lebensmittel Verpackungsservice


Our certifications for both - DIN EN ISO 9001 and the Bio-Certificate - ensures that all quality-relevant work processes comply with established rules and regulations for the industry. In cooperation with the appropriate experts, we stay current with compliances and continuously improve our services regarding contract filling. We also ensure that our employees are trained on a regular basis.

We also have the ability to package organic “bio” products and we have a separate certification that allows us to fill, package and order dry products.

We take care of the complete processing of your products and we also have the ability to pack very small quantities if needed. The storage takes place on site and can be delivered on time by our in-house delivery service.


Our customers rely on proven quality.

Keeping in close contact with our customers is very important to us. Because, only if we understand your philosophy, can we respond 100 percent to your needs. We do contract filling for a variety of industries and with very diverse requirements and we are also responsible for the entire process of the webshop logistics for many companies. Contact us. We are looking forward to getting to know your company.