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Biozertifizierung -Verarbeitung ökologischer Landbauprodukte


Claudia Kuhn
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Mitglied im Wirtschaftsrat Deutschland

Mitglied in der Vereinigung der Dienstleister an Deutschen Flughäfen e.V.

Mitglied im Erfolgsfaktor Familie. Unternehmernetzwerk.

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The Company “Verpackungsservice”

“Verpackungsservice” was founded in 2001 by Claudia Kuhn. Currently employed are about 100 people at our offices in Mainz and Essenheim. Among them are people from all different nations and parts of the world. Single mothers, entire families and retirees can find a new job here in this colorful team within our diverse program.

Quality Program: Employee Satisfaction

All efforts to review quality are in vain if the employees are dissatisfied. In our daily running of business operations the quality of the products can only be ensured by: our people. When everyone takes part in the responsibility, only then can great things be generated. Therefore, it is easy for us to offer customized and targeted packaging solutions, to assemble and deliver according to on-call schedules.

Social Commitment That Pays Off

With flexible scheduling and self-organization, we provide a great deal of satisfaction to our employees because each individual makes his contribution to the high standard of our products and services. That%27s what our "Life Phase Human Resources Policy" is all about and we take these considerations into account regarding our staff:

Our Achievement Portfolio

Focusing and concentration promotes efficiency. Therefore, we have specialized in and focused on packaging and packaging development, final stages of production, and outsourcing your storage needs, all as our core business.

As your partner next door, we optimally meet your needs with our own delivery service and without going the “round-about-way”. For our customers outside the region: We adhere faithfully to the implementation of clearly defined targets and deadlines. For us, meeting deadlines is a sign of our respect to you and, therefore, a must for us.

Packaging – Environmental Sustainability

Packaging must meet two essential functions: it must satisfy both the logistical demands of the modern organic and health food companies, as well as comply with and meet all requirements. On the other front, it must also, in particular, safeguard the environmental impact of goods, damages, contamination and loss of volume. We use all of our experience, diligence and focus to meet the environmental and economic demands in packaging and warehousing.