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Packaging for us is: Enhancement

The packaging is the first thing your customers see and touch –therefore, it is all the more important that it has a design that is of high quality and also appealing. For many companies packaging is an additional time-consuming task that is often underestimated. This is understandable - because your core competency lies in your products.

It saves you both time and resources: you produce, we pack. Whether mass deliveries or small quantities - we assemble and pack your goods with careful hands. Together we can get the most out of your products!

Also included in our services for final stages of production:

  • Adhesive work for Calendars
  • CD insertions in brochures or books
  • Adhesive work for samples in magazines
  • Collocation of training folders
  • Collocation of information packs, i.e. for banks

Shrink Wrapping   

This is a process of wrapping the product with a plastic film and then heated to 180-220 ° C in a shrink tunnel. The film is softened by the heat and contracts when cooled, thus the name "shrinking". The film attaches itself to the package contents which protects and stabilizes it. Individual packages, containers or packages of goods can thus be protected on a pallet in a loading unit.

Shrink packaging is an inexpensive and interesting alternative to the order picking of twin-sets and product lines that are not naturally protected. Shrink wrapping protects your product against moisture and is stain resistant. The use of PE film (polyethylene film) is ecologically sound and safe. It also shows to your customers that the product is new and undamaged with this smooth and highly transparent film.

Among Our Range of Shrink Wrapping:

Flow-Wrap Packaging

With flow-wrap packaging, composite film made of polyamide/polyethylene is placed on the product. Polyamide/polyethylene is flexible and impermeable to oxygen. Polyethylene is used as a moisture barrier and is heat sealable.
Flow-wrap packaging is airtight because it molds to the shape of your product and protects it. It is important to us that your products, depending on your needs and desires, are perfectly individually packaged. We have the opportunity to offer you a variety of sizes and film thicknesses. Flow-wrap packaging is very adaptable to different thicknesses. It has two side seams and a longitudinal seam.

Flow-wrap packaging is the ideal packaging solution for uneven small parts.

Our repertoire of flow-wrap packaging includes:

Foil Packaging

Foil packaging is the most classic of all the packaging solutions. Foil packaging is used, for example, for zip lock bags or pouches, which are particularly suitable for retail packaging. The advantage is obvious: They are easily closed with a Euro hole suitable for sale as packaged. Foil packets are very versatile. Self adhesive-foil bags and zip lock bags can be used as courier bags or hanging files, if it is made with reinforced fabric or transparent PVC composite film. It is understood and clear what foil packaging is normally used for, but is also quite commonplace regarding the packaging of ordinary bags and passport covers.

There is something that all these different foil packages have in common: the material from which they are made. Foil packets consist of either HDPE or LDPE film. LDPE stands for low density polyethylene and this is a material with low density. HDPE is high density polyethylene derived and produced under low pressure which means a polyethylene with higher density. The molecular weights for conventional HDPE are below 300,000 g / mol. The new abbreviation for HDPE which is now being increasingly used is PE-HD. Our packaging service produces your film packaging with LDPE or HDPE. 

Our repertoire of foil packaging: