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Biozertifizierung -Verarbeitung ökologischer Landbauprodukte


Claudia Kuhn
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Mitglied im Wirtschaftsrat Deutschland

Mitglied in der Vereinigung der Dienstleister an Deutschen Flughäfen e.V.

Mitglied im Erfolgsfaktor Familie. Unternehmernetzwerk.


Contract packaging, packing & warehouse logistics - your packaging service provider in the
Rhine Main Area

As a reliable and dependable partner with high-quality standards, we find individual packaging solutions for your needs. True to our motto "We pack everything" -  means we really can handle all packaging orders - from contract packaging and assembly up to complete warehouse logistics. As a packaging service, we move with the times and offer our online customers a perfectly matched Webshop. For demanding applications in packaging, our customers benefit from an individual packaging design.

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Verpackungsservice Claudia Kuhn

Packaging Service Claudia Kuhn is reliable and strong through diversity.

Working together -  living together. The multicultural workforce is a dedicated team at Verpackungsservice Claudia Kuhn. Crossing cultural borders is part of our daily lives and is a key to our strength and reliability. Since the early 90s, we have focused on women and have assisted them in coordinating their day-to-day work here at our company with their family life. Flexibility and diversity are, therefore, at the core of our company’s  philosophy. SAT1, in their current magazine, briefly highlights our company regarding a future Rheinland-Pfalz initiative. We are very proud and happy to give you a glimpse into our everyday business.




- Job Order Production
- Order Picking
- Outer Packaging, Banding
- Labeling
- Folding, Creasing and Envelope


Webshop Logistics

- Quality Control
- Delivery and Distribution
- Customer Service


Final Stages of Production/Packaging

- Shrink Wrapping
- Flow-Wrap Packaging
- Foil Packaging



- Assembling and packaging of parts
  and components
- Gluing and Adhesive Work
- Goods Inspections


Storage Facility and Logistics

- Logistics Center
- Delivery and Distribution
- Webshop Logistics